Tina Caye

Creative Director, Capital One


What, if anything, are you doing differently?

Here are the things that have been rolling around in my mind amid all this craziness.

I think while we are in the midst of moments like this a few things happen – we tend to have periods of deep reflection on our priorities and how we’re making use of our time and our energy. We are also given a gift of perspective. Many times in my life I have had struggles but I’ve always been able to rise above it and see others in a tougher spot than myself. I think this perspective is needed now more than ever. In order to stay out of the dark places of our minds we have to acknowledge that it could always be worse. Gratitude and perspective are the only things you really control. So, acknowledging that and letting the rest go is vital to real self preservation and care. 

I also fully believe that the soul of artists and creators is where the human side of our tech-focused world lies. We need that humanity and inspiration in times like this more than ever, so it’s our duty to be the inspiring voices our world family needs right now. 


Are you staying creatively active?

I find that staying creatively sparked is actually easiest in times like these. I find we come up with our most inspired thoughts when we are boxed into seemingly impossible situations and isn’t this exactly that? Bound by the physical limitations of our living spaces and mentally bound by anxieties and uncertainty. This is the time to dig deep into your creativity and see where it leads. If a global crisis isn’t fuel for your mind to build beauty and create inspiration, then I don’t know what is.


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