Tina Beaty

Vice President, SHRM


What, if anything, are you doing differently?

Everything!  Last night I prepped a science experiment for my boys and wrote a lesson plan on the whiteboard (the one that used to track all the places we go/after-school activities) knowing I had calls all day.

Are you staying creatively active?

Yes.  It feels weird to say it but this health crisis has had a major impact on the world of work so at SHRM we have been very busy working with business leaders, HR, policy makers and individual workers to understand the impact and how we can purposely chart what the new reality of work looks like after the health crisis is stable.  It has pushed our boundaries on creative ways to engage our audiences.  “Normal” marketing touch points and messaging would be tone deaf right now.  We have to understand our audience – often by the day – to ensure our communications are helpful and engaging.  So just the sheer hurdle of that is keeping me creatively motivated and thinking differently than ever before.

How are you sparking yourself creatively?

Looking at the world around me differently. And prepping a lot of crafts, games, obstacle courses for the next day. As I watch how my kids respond to projects during this quarantine it gives me ideas for work oddly enough!


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