Shari Hindman

Siddall Communications


I’m actually doing good. I’m choosing to be optimistic through this. As a history lover, I find solace in so many of our ancestors stories of struggle and hardship over time. I know we’ll get through this and when I look back on it I want to be proud of how I handled it. 

What, if anything, are you doing differently?

The main thing is that this is my 5th week of working at home.  But, I keep a daily routine of getting dressed and getting to my desk at the usual time. Our team has daily Zoom meetings so we can see each other. I think that normalcy helps us all stay sane. And, I only allow myself short dosages of news. 

Are you staying creatively active?

Happily, I am very creatively active these days. Even more than normal. That helps me stay positive.

How are you sparking yourself creatively?

I get my inspiration from the outdoors, so I take a 3 mile walk everyday through my neighborhood. (I’m happy it’s spring.) It’s my time to be grateful for what I have and to clear my mind and solve problems.  I get inspiration in the acts of kindness I see around me. I’ve also noticed that with everyone staying at home, people seem to have lots of time to create wonderful things to help them (and us all) get through this. That worldwide creative energy inspires me.


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