Sean Flanagan

Creative Director of the Philadelphia Eagles


What, if anything, are you doing differently?

I’m not a WFH kind of guy. Having a destination to go to helps with my mindset. When I’m home, a large part of me wants to enjoy being home. In that regard, I’ve tried to do as little different as possible, with regards to routine. I still get up at 5 am to workout, I’m still at my desk by 6. I still get dressed in pants. Whatever routines I can recreate, I try. I’m a huge creature of habit. But of course, a big challenge now is balancing work with keeping my kids occupied and engaged with e-learning and other activities throughout the day. So between conference calls and design time, I’m making sure they are moving from one part of our new COVID19 home schedule to the next.


Are you staying creatively active?

Sure, there are still many projects for the upcoming NFL season that we are actively developing for. The hope is the season is not hugely impacted by the current situation. I’m sure we will feel it with regards to a few compressed timelines and event cancelations, but we need to continue to operate as if it’s all systems go come kickoff. We are just doing it from home at the moment.


How are you sparking yourself creatively?

Again, it’s keeping as much of my former routine as possible. That’s what works for me. This is a psychological battle as much as a physical one. Not only that, the constant distraction of news updates pulling for your attention doesn’t help. So I try to tune that out during the day as much as possible. I will say, seeing how content and the idea of content and how its shifting and adapting to this massive shared experience and this massive shared conversation is pretty remarkable. That in and of itself is inspiring.


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