Michael Dumlao

Director of Brand, Corporate Affairs Booz Allen


“My life’s greatest creative moments tend to come from struggle and introspection so I’m using this time to rediscover my roots as an artist, activist and performer. Art heals and our world could use that healing right now.”


What, if anything, are you doing differently? 

Well, for one, I’ve been writing, composing, casting and directing a 3-hour stage extravaganza premiering this fall in my role as the Queen of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, DC. A few years ago I created a performance alter-ego named Nuancé who is a gender-creative undocumented alien from outer-space with multiple personalities (ranging from an ingenue cabaret singer to a North Korean dictator obsessed with Edna Mode from The Incredibles). To promote the show and cue up some exposition and backstory leading to the performance, I’ve planned photoshoots and created a series of videos such as this one.  I’ve also joined several Facebook Groups such as “One Take Musical” and “Quarantined Cabaret” where I’ve been posting a video a day singing something I’ve always wanted to perform on stage. 


Are you staying creatively active? 

Nothing keeps a creative communicator inspired and engaged quite like stepping completely out of their comfort zone – and this show does that for me. Both this character and the show reflect parts of my own artistic persona: Nuancé is a curious cultural explorer, and the show (currently named “Haus Nuancé”) personifies the internal struggles an artist negotiates between unfettered creative integrity versus the reality of making a living and thriving beyond surviving – all told through an immersive fashion show experience. It’s my own self-therapy conducted through all facets of creativity: music, acting, writing, photography, video, make-up, and even costume making. 


How are you sparking yourself creatively?

Interestingly, by rediscovering and reasserting my many years as a performer and exploring drag, I’m strengthening my skills as a storyteller. This whole project is forcing me to look to new inspirations of creativity: from the history of queer, underground performance, to my own cultural heritage as a Filipino immigrant. It is also compelling me to seek new collaborations with artists expert in areas of expression I’ve never explored before. Also, the outcome of that mental exercise manifests in all my projects – personal and professional. For one, it gives me new tools to offer clients, colleagues and my community. And it strengthens my brand as a truly unique voice in my industry. I mean, how many senior creatives do you know who work for Fortune 500s in the federal consulting and technology space and are also gender-bending drag performers?


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