Matt Williams

Managing Partner at Brand Federation


What, if anything are you doing differently?

Quarantine is an interesting experience. For an introvert like me, it starts out as a gift but it quickly becomes challenging. I realize how much I miss the work environment and the accidental conversations that spark a new thought or way to approach a problem. Because they don’t happen by accident anymore, I’ve been more purposeful at seeking out conversations with people I trust and looking for outside stimulation. I’ve also had to force myself to get up and walk around to give my brain some space. If I don’t, I can end up camped out in front of my computer for 10 hours a day.

Are you staying creatively active?

Yes. I’ve started playing the guitar more because I’m at home. I pick it up for 30 minutes and it’s like a whiteboard eraser for my brain (in a good way).

How are you sparking yourself creatively?

It’s all about making space for your mind to wander. I try to protect time throughout the day to stay off social media, email, ZOOM calls, all those things that can feel productive or distracting, but are anything but creative. That time is sacred and I have to plan for it.

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