Kevin McFadin



What, if anything, are you doing differently?

For the most part, I’ve been working from home for a long time, so social distancing, setting up to working remotely, et al. hasn’t been an issue. Most projects, local or not, are primarily dealt with virtually so there’s been no real impact there … A good buddy of mine mentioned the other day that so far with the pandemic, he’s been ‘enjoying’ the liberation of not being able to make plans. On the surface that sounds specious, but I think it has merit and value. Relating that to the world of work is easy: there’s only so much I can do with so many factors out of my hands so I’m not going to stress over things that I can’t deal with directly. As another good friend always tells me, ‘deal with the task at hand’. Right now, that’s about all you can do. All easier said than done, though it’s a process that is never really done. The one big thing I can do, and have done, is finally reprioritize. A lot. I’ve drastically changed my priorities, all for the better I think. 

The broadcast and record label aren’t impacted that much as far as functioning. I was out of the radio game the past few months dealing with a whole mess of other health issues so I could come out stronger and faster in time for the virus, but I got back on air recently and it felt superb. You just have to leave yourself enough time to wipe down the mic, the board, etc … but once you’re in, you’re flying on your own so you’re playing by the proper rules. And your community radio station is vital now, more than it ever was. The label is primarily mail-order so that’s easily dealt with. Overall, whether it’s the show or the label, I want to make sure and get folks the music they need now to keep their safety valves working as best as possible and provide whatever level of relief some top-shelf tunes can bring. 

In the broadest sense, especially after the recent health mess mentioned earlier, I’m working harder to keep real perspective and relish the small victories … the ones that ultimately matter.

Are you staying creatively active?

We’ve got a handful of good-sized projects that were already in play, so we’re staying focused on those right now to make sure they move forward as best we, and the clients, can. It’s been a bit rocky getting the new flow down, but that will inevitably become smoother as this all gets, sad to say, normalized. That’s not to imply that’s a good thing on any level, but like so much right now, it is what it is. Right now, remaining focused on the tasks at hand that can be dealt with effectively can take some creativity. I recently finished up some illustrations for a local client that were definitely in the ‘fun’ camp, so they provided some relief and grease for the brain-wheels, not to mention normalcy.  

How are you sparking yourself creatively?

I’m trying to catch up on some reading and audio-books, thinking about trying again to fail at learning guitar, giving my dogs tons of attention (trust me, that can get creative), spending time (guilt free) consuming lots of eye candy to keep me fired up … SOB has another co-release or two with our good friends at Deep Water Acres that have been derailed, so we’re working on keeping that alive. With the recent fire at the US lacquer plant the record making circus was already in upheaval, and the pandemic doesn’t make it easier. But, like work, deadlines are now malleable and priorities have shifted. But we can still do some groundwork to keep the brain cooking.  


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