Karen Alston

Owner of Alston Marketing Group


What, if anything, are you doing differently?

The past few weeks I think I have experienced every emotion possible as a human being. Being in the house and outside of my normal routine has been a major shock and a “withdrawal from normalcy.” However, this time has sparked some of my most creative moments in years. I am writing, reading, fueling my curiosity and exploring what the “new normal” means for creative people. My human empathy has expanded and my brain is focused on how my artistic expressions can be more impactful on the world.


Are you staying creatively active?

The first few weeks were hard and I had no creative spark at all. I was grieving and couldn’t stop watching the news. The past two weeks have been some of the most creative and productive days I have had in over a decade. I am writing, reading and birthing ideas. I have been listening to podcasts and watching lots of videos of artists who share their process and are passionate about their impacts on the world. My lens is expanding. My need for impact is growing. Our world needs creatives and storytellers now more than ever to help eradicate inequality.


How are you sparking yourself creatively? 

I am reading and watching lots of videos to spark my creativity. I am finally working on a book that has a creative/photographic element to it for publication. It has taken me years to get this idea moving and finally I have the time and patience to dedicate to writing the book. I am teaching a masterclass on how to brainstorm your creativity during a crisis. I realized that the methods I am using to spark my creative process could help others. I am donating the proceeds of that class to charities for front line workers. On days or moments when I feel sadness or grief I watch a great Netflix show or documentary. I order online from a small business or find a comedy special to laugh and let go of the sadness. My heart is broken for so many people and my focus is to be a better human being when this is over and value the sacrifices of others.

I am thankful for this time and the opportunity to be alive now in this point in our history. As creatives, it is our task to chronicle this time for the history books and for generations to come.

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