Julia Sarver

Senior Designer at Dynamic Integrated Services

What, if anything, are you doing differently?

Everything is different. As a working mom of two, my husband and I are attempting to be the ultimate tag team, balancing our work, keeping our one-year-old son from climbing the walls, and facilitating kindergarten schoolwork for our daughter. The traditional “work day” has been replaced by a more fluid (and longer) schedule. Time is incredibly precious these days, so there’s a need to work faster (i.e. smarter) and be extra cautious about not wasting any hours (on shows about tigers).

Are you staying creatively active?

I am being creatively challenged on a daily basis. I’m making up jokes in funny voices and having epic dance parties. I’m trying to find creative ways to cook with the food we have in our pantry and freezer. I’m trying to turn everyday activities into kindergarten lessons and art projects.

How are you sparking yourself creatively?

My go-to methods for sparking creativity are typically music and introspection. Music is still a big creativity booster, and I’ve been on a Dolly Parton kick as of late. As far as introspection, I had a surprising moment a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon all my old sketchbooks. It was incredibly inspiring to flip through years and years of old ideas, drawings and random thoughts. This discovery seems serendipitous, as I’ve been able to resurrect a few old ideas for recent projects.

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