Jimmy Learned

President and Managing Director of Elevation

What, if anything, are you doing differently?

Well, like most, I am washing the skin off my hands and abusing disinfecting wipes.

In all seriousness, I do find myself doing a ton more reflection – of and about the times we are all living in…

Spiritually, professionally and personally.  It is very cathartic and I commit to optimism and hope.

Obviously, routines have changed and I try to have fun and creativity with that as well. Never thought I would enjoy confusing the dogs so much…

They have no idea when the walks are these days!?  Physical activity contains many change ups and professionally, I am a full on ZOOM junkie!!

You have to remember that Camp Elevation is mostly made up of passionate, nutty, Latino’s (the rest have drank the punch)… this social distancing stuff is a HUGE diversion from the norm… we love our hugs, man.  I must say, I have been impressed how organized and committed we have been to daily meetings, calls and staying engaged with our clients and ourselves. I feel it has brought us closer as a family which is a huge statement.


Are you staying creatively active?

Absolutely!! We are very fortunate to have active clients and contracts, which keep us engaged and continuously seeking new strategic and creative solutions for our partners and their respective needs and objectives.  Particularly, post COVID-19 messaging campaigns we are developing, which we will be launching both domestically and internationally when the time is right.

While I have tremendous pride in the 18 year journey Elevation has humbly and passionately enjoyed… in these crazy, daunting times, we as a family felt we needed to do something different and do our part to support and pay love and gratitude to the amazing health professionals, service providers and first responders… THE HEROES.

Thus, we created and established Feeding Courage (Feedingcourage.org). A partnership with Eco CatersDC, in which we lead the way in feeding front liners weekly… (VA Hospital Center, MedStar, Arlington Free Clinic, The Family Place, Mary Center, Metro Police, the list goes on).  This included, of course; forming the Co., branding, web development, social outreach strategies, creative development, grassroots connectivity and engagement. All in record time, I think?! It feels. It continues to be a tremendously humbling, inspiring and rewarding effort. Could not be prouder of our team and more importantly, the real heroes we revere and serve every day. 


How are you sparking yourself creatively?

Great question. Every morning, my teen daughter says… “dad, keep it @#*%$ down!!, its only 8am(its really 10:30), you are too loud and excited”!!! Yeah baby. Bring it on. I fully realize that I am beyond blessed in my life and additionally blessed, to be surrounded by amazingly inspiring, talented, driven and creative individuals that make creative inspiration and “spark” an omnipresent coffee time deliverable.  I love the fact that we are pro-active and on attack mode when we start our days and face the challenges and opportunities that lay before us.  We also realize and embrace the fact that there are many – many, less fortunate souls than us, and that, is a beacon of purpose and an inspiration to provide hugs and love… virtual or otherwise.

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