Jean-Pierre Bovie

Senior Art Director at bohan Advertising


What, if anything, are you doing differently?

After years of freelancing for some of DC’s finest, a staff opportunity presented itself in Nashville. My wife and I opted to roll the dice on an adventure and try on Tennessee for size. After 6 months of going into an office, I find myself back to commuting to work in my PJs and slippers thanks to COVID-19. So while everything is different it oddly all feels the very familiar to those days of freelance. Showering at 11AM, actually eating lunch and catching sunsets on my porch and really connecting with people again are some of the main differences. 


Are you staying creatively active?

Isolation is the best medicine to get the creative mind wandering. Reenergized and tickled by the endless possibilities of coloring outside the lines of client-driven confines, I’ve been able to focus on side projects I had to put on hold. Luckily this creative wandering has afforded me the time to reevaluate what kind of ‘creative’ motivates and inspires me. It’s truly made me consider what and where is most important to me.  


How are you sparking yourself creatively?

I’ve always likened advertising to the restaurant business. Creatives are like chefs (or vice versa). Everything has been done before, it really comes down to your interpretation of the ingredients you have to work with. I’m beyond inspired by the creativity and spontaneity of the cooking world and those who live in the kitchen. This is just a very long way of saying I’ve been binge-watching cooking shows like Chefs Table (again) and feeding on that creative magic.


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