Greg Johnston

Sr. Manager, Creative at Cystic Fibrosis Foundation


What, if anything, are you doing differently?

I’m spending more time with my Wife. Having coffee every together and just being Greg and Teresa. I’m taking more time to think things over and staying in the present. In our business, we have tendency to “live in the future” as deadlines and events become our markers and demand our focus.


Are you staying creatively active?

 I’m getting the chance to write and create more. I’m taking more photos. I’m refurbishing some old furniture. I’m finishing some writing projects––personal––that has been great for my soul.


How are you sparking yourself creatively? 

I’ve been connecting with some old friends and colleagues. Some I haven’t talked to or seen for 10 years. They have and still do inspire me. They give me a different perspective by sharing what they’ve been doing and what they are doing now during this unprecedented time. And I’ve gone back to the basics of communication––I’m listening more and listening a lot better.


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