Bill Martin

Co-founder, Barber Martin Agency

What, if anything, are you doing differently?

Things are different.  These days, I awaken each morning expecting to find Rod Serling in my bedroom intoning, “Submitted for your approval….”   This new reality is not easy. There is a fine line between sanity and Hannity. But this is also a time when the best of humankind is on display. So, while it’s the forbidden fruit for so-called creatives, I’m trying to emulate the good work I see others doing.

Are you staying creatively active?

As a retiree, self-quarantine is proving to be a great time to revisit books, films and TV that influenced the stuff of my own making. I just discovered a melody in a sequence of the 1968 TV show The Prisoner, that I must have carried around in my head subconsciously for fifteen years, before recording a jingle with virtually the same tune. (Hmmm. Looks like I’ve emulated the good work of others before.)

How are you sparking yourself creatively?

What this new lifestyle has brought to the fore is self-reflection. For example, in less than six weeks, my bucket list has doubled. Now, in addition to Portmeirion in North Wales, I also want to visit… Walmart.


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