Angela Edwards

Senior Producer at ICF Next


What, if anything, are you doing differently?  

I have time to exercise!  I’m running every other day and walk with my dog on the days I don’t run.  I find myself in my head sometimes and then I pull myself back to the loud music and keep going.  My family is fostering 2 puppies…something outside of ourselves to focus on…Zack and Zee require lots of care and cuddles

Are you staying creatively active?  

Living is a creative act so in that regard, I’m not really doing anything differently.  Keeping current, catching up on films, TV, reading…inspiration is everywhere. I’m on a limited news diet…the constant news cycle is not good for me.  And I’m adjusting so that I can produce content given our current limitations. 

How are you sparking yourself creatively?  

I’m not really expecting too much from myself right now.  I’m beyond grateful that I am still working but I am profoundly worried for everyone.  And I’m sad. Sad that so many are sick and dying, sad for all those who are working without the safety equipment they need as they care for the sick, sad that I could not sit with my sister and comfort her and hug my niece and nephew and tell them she was going to be ok when she was ill with COVID-19 (she is recovering), sad for everyone who is not working and whose lives have been…I’m not sure what the word is…’s not for me to define what has been taken from them or their experience or what it feels like to them. As a nation, as a world, all our cracks are showing…the disparity that I cannot unsee…I hope to let what I am discovering and acknowledging and feeling fester…and hoping beyond hope that enough of us remember and are better when the quarantine is over.


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