Excited and humbled to see this series of images created for Starbucks on the cover and as the chapter dividers in the recent edition of Workbook.

Seeing these images used again also served as a nice reminder to revisit this special project – and the people – Daniele Monti, Jodi Morrison and Kristy Cameron to name check a few members of this dream team – it was one I didn’t want to end, and to have these images find a new audience through Workbook is an honor, so thank you to the entire team at Workbook for selecting this work.

The project took place a couple of years ago and the images were used exclusively for the Tazo Tea launch campaign. Everyone was just as excited as I was to approach these with a cinematic influence and movie lighting to help achieve what Starbucks Creative Director, Daniele Monti, described as “capturing the magic and whimsy of the new Tazo brand—something in between a modern Alice in Wonderland and an iconography that pulls from different eras, places and cultures.” The resources and enthusiasm to pull these images off on-location and all in-camera – not in post-production – made for a truly special campaign.

As a photographer whose overall body of work ranges widely – from the realistic to the fantastic, this project allowed me to really dive into my cinematic influences, and enabled me to both showcase and push my aesthetic. I loved every minute of it and I am indebted to the creative team at Starbucks for entrusting me to create these worlds, to the retouchers at Sugar Digital and to producer Kim Comeaux for going above and beyond to support every idea that I had.

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