Southern Nevada Water Authority

A biker and a luchador walk into a photo shoot…R&R Partners have created some seriously sexy and impactful work. It was a privilege to work with the creative folks behind Las Vegas’s “What Happens Here, Stays Here” on a campaign for the Southern Nevada Water Authority. Leave it to R&R Partners to make drought compliance and civic responsibility entertaining.

For these “Be An Angel, Make Sunday a Day of Rest” environmental portraits I was charged with placing recognizable, modern tough guys into a painterly setting where the sun would act as a halo. A little Hell’s Angels meets Giotto (or we could be more abstract and say early Renaissance) made for a not so gentle reminder to refrain from watering on Sundays, and for truly arresting results.

*Note: no photographers were harmed in the making of this campaign, though the talent was authentic, they were angels, as advertised.