Source America

SourceAmerica is a nonprofit that works to place Americans with disabilities, some of them Veterans, into meaningful jobs.  I have been privileged to work with them for a number of years now, they are so committed and driven – the collaboration and interactions have left an indelible impression and inspired me in my work and beyond. 

SourceAmerica creates a platform for people with disabilities to be seen and heard…and hired. I love being even a small part of how they are seen and heard through my images, and of deepening the understanding of disabilities including those invisible at the surface. 

We have been collaborating long enough that they trust to send me off to create the work – and it’s always an adventure and a joy – to tell the stories of some of the tens of thousands of people SourceAmerica has placed in meaningful jobs. My approach is to always be patient and respectful with whomever I am photographing and how they are feeling that day. With SourceAmerica I’m never sure who I’ll be photographing or what will be revealed in the stories and faces of my subjects, and I have always loved finding beauty in the unfamiliar.