SmithGifford for MyEyeDr

One of the things I’ve come to value most about being a photographer is the opportunity to learn from every project.

Case in point, when working with the team at SmithGifford on the MyEyeDr. “Resting Squint Face” campaign, I learned there’s a name for that look, you know the one. “RSF” is that sideways glance or squint, created when a person isn’t seeing too clearly, that can result in a perpetual look of anger and distrust in just about every situation.

Not only is the campaign lighthearted and funny but I could very much relate — I totally get #RSF.

Ultimately, we had a lot of fun. We played around with not only the cast and the crew but also worked to ensure we brought attention to these misunderstood squint lines, with our lighting.

Creative Director: Bill Cutter