Mother & Child

Hager Sharp is an agency that prides itself on creating work that fosters meaningful change in the world. They’ve been at it for nearly 40-years now, so it was a privilege to be asked to partner with them on a campaign for USDA WIC Breastfeeding Week that encourages low-income moms to breastfeed.

I love what has come through in these images — a testament to honoring the bond between mothers and their children, and the obvious love and pride parents have for their children. They are such intimate images and yet represent something so natural and universal.

Agency: Hager Sharp

Mike Gallagher, SVP, Creative Director

Aaron Murphy, Creative Director

Natalya Malteva, Art Director

Jerold Williams, Production director

Special thanks to U.S. Department of Agriculture Nutritionists Valery Soto and Cheryl Funanich.

World Breast Feeding Week