Las Pozas

I have a strong affinity for Mexico – the place, and its people. I have been traveling there since I was a little boy and have returned numerous times for fun, as well as for personal and professional photography projects.

On one road trip to Mexico, I made a quick visit to Las Pozas with no camera in hand. Las Pozas is an extraordinary sculpture garden, the creation of Edward James, an eccentric English poet, artist, and patron of the Surrealist movement.

To say Las Pozas stuck with me is an understatement – I knew I had to go back, to scratch that itch.

This was a team effort, an adventure in collaboration, working with Anthony Morrow at PXL House

Flexibility, comfort level, and openness were the keys to success. We volleyed ideas back and forth, settling collaboratively on the right marriage of location and story. As with any great character, you want to know more, what’s next, what will they do, I wanted these images to invoke that same curiosity and sense of adventure.