On one of my last projects in New Orleans I had a beer one night with location scout, Aaron Dunsay. While we talked, he told me that if I were to drive a half hour and then take a boat for another half hour, I would come across these fishing shacks you can only get to by boat.

It’s exactly the kind of thing – utterly distinctive  – that I can’t resist. I was all in.

So I stayed an extra day in Louisiana and hired a waterman, from a long line of watermen, with a boat to take me out. I was so excited to have had this day and experience, to spend a little time capturing this somewhat surreal water world in person and with my camera. Not too many places are as unique as this one, places that make you wonder “am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?” I ran with that, and with the sense of magic of the bayou to create this image – are you seeing what you think you’re seeing?