This was a really fun Off-Broadway project with Naomi Usher of Studio Usher for Ars Nova. Three really distinct images, Sundown, Yellow Moon and Night Sky Backdrop, represent the arc of the plays.

Ars Nova - Kpop

K-POP: K-Pop is such a powerful cultural force that transcends music and geography. The visual cues that define the genre are such a joy to concept for photography. We used a color-block backdrop, a fierce female model in highly stylized make-up and outfit. I aimed to subvert the image to portray her energy as slightly militant, angry and icy instead of cute, poppy and teenaged. K-Pop grown up.

Ars Nova - Rock

LUCKY ONES: We styled actress Jo Lampert in rock-n-roll angel teenager garb. We captured her sweaty, in the midst of a hard-core dance move, the effect brings on the feeling of being right on the edge of her pushing herself just too far physically. It was important for the image to invite the viewer to feelmovement, maybe even exhaustion, in this still image.

Ars Nova - Night

SUNDOWN, YELLOW MOON: Evoking elements of wistfulness and an ethereal longing, we featured a young woman, against a night sky backdrop, light low with her partially obscured by shadows against a backdrop of textural woodsy foliage. The juxtaposition of a sky full of sparkly stars delivers a hint of magic to this image.

Our model is styled in a summer dress that hints at the south. Loose hair and a gaze turned to something we can’t see, though the misty, ambiguous surroundings hint at vastness. She is set in a time and place that suggests deep thoughts and big questions.